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Driving Trip from Boerne to South Carolina

Boerne in Kendall County Texas is 30 miles northwest of San Antonio. Summers are hot and humid so it is nice to get away for the annual break to somewhere a little cooler that provides contrast to home. What better choice than across the country to South Carolina? It is almost 1300 miles by road, going through Houston, the States of Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama and Georgia before reaching South Carolina and the Atlantic seaboard. So we took a week off from our carpet cleaning business in Boerne to venture out to South Carolina to see some of the great historic sites and beaches.

That distance means around 20 hours of driving on what are fairly good roads so the first thing we needed to do was to decide whether to try to drive the distance with just a single overnight stop or whether to take our time and stop twice. Either way we realized it was best to plan an early start. There are plenty of motels on the route so we didn’t feel the need to book anything in advance just in case we felt able to continue driving well after the first place we had considered stopping. With two drivers to share the driving our plans were fairly flexible.

One priority was to get our automobile fully serviced for the trip. It had never been much of a problem but then again we hadn’t been asking it to travel long distances like this.

We did some research on the main places on the trip but realized there would be little opportunity to do any sightseeing on the way if we wanted to get to South Carolina in a reasonable time. We certainly felt we needed to reach Louisiana on the first day but knew that was only about a third of the total journey we were planning. There would be no time to divert into New Orleans as we crossed the State towards Mississippi. If we got as far east as New Orleans we would be doing well because that would be a distance of 500 miles.

It would be after we had crossed Mississippi and entered Alabama that we would start to head north east rather than just east on the way to Atlanta in Georgia. The last lap from Atlanta to Carolina is 300 miles and that was perhaps the driving we expected on the third day if we did not feel like pushing ourselves too hard with a single night’s stop.

The main thing about doing a road trip like this is to have a good vehicle, maps if you do not have satellite navigation and information about the main places along the way. In the event we got well into Louisiana after our first day of driving but didn’t feel we wanted to push on. Day two involved our driving a similar distance again to spend our second night near Atlanta. The final leg brought us to the Atlantic for a break in an area so different from home. It was a great trip and fairly incident-free so it is something we will think about doing again next year, perhaps heading in a different direction?